Strategic Tax Planning What We Do

The key element of our practice is that we are independent and give ethical bespoke tax advice that is viable.


Our Senior Partner, Daniel Feingold* is a Barrister and therefore our advice comes from a Legal Perspective. It is also important to remember that uniquely we offer lawful tax planning advice, not Tax Schemes.


Our Clients are principally professionals: Solicitors and Accountants and other Advisers acting for Clients who seek expert and specialist advice on the tax issues that their Clients may have. 


  • We are currently seeing a shift in the emphasis of our work away from tax planning and more towards tax investigations and disputes with HMRC.

  • We are also involved with a number of Corporate Clients seeking to review their International operations.

  • We are also involved in ongoing Advice and Disputes on Transfer Pricing issues with HMRC.

  • We never forget that every Client is different and every piece of advice bespoke to the Client’s particular situation.

  • The increase in the rate of Capital Gains Tax for Non-Business Assets to 28% has led to us to create some innovative tax planning to mitigate this rate for property investors; especially those with large property portfolios.  At the same time, securing Entrepreneur's Relief (which gives a 10% tax rate on the first £10m of gain) is now key to planning for many Clients.

  • We are also skilled in advising on disputes with HMRC on tax law, especially where this has gone on for a long time or has reached stalemate or is about to enter tax litigation. Our expertise can often lead to a resolution without recourse to litigation.

  • When HMRC are actively attacking by means of an Enquiry, Investigation or Challenge (especially tax planning involving Tax Schemes), our expertise and advice has successfully closed many Investigations and Enquiries or led to a favourable settlement.

  • Advising on all aspects of the LDF and Voluntary Disclosure as well as the UK/Swiss deal, the Channel Islands and IOM deals.

* Mr Feingold holds the degree of Barrister, but does not have a practising certificate (because of a technicality); as he does not comply with the Bar Standards Board rules for practising Barristers. He is not fully regulated by the Bar Standards Board although they can hear a complaint against him, they cannot oblige him to pay any monetary award.


Why not get  expert advice on all aspects of Tax from a Tax Lawyer?



  • Share Incentives/Options, Sales, MBO’s, Reconstructions, International Structures, Transfer Pricing, Thin Capitalisation and Planning for IP Rights.




  • Tax Planning for High Net Worth Individuals, including planning to reduce the 45% Income Tax Rate and 28% Capital Gains Tax Rate. 

  • Residence, Non-Domiciled, Double Taxation Treaty problems.

  • IHT planning, Domicile Disputes, Trusts and Family Limited Partnerships.




  • Effective resolution of Tax Investigations, Tax Disputes and Tax Litigation.




  • Tax Amnesties especially the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF).